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Sofosbuvir is already sofosbuvir usp used to treat hepatitis C and has passed all human use approval tests,as a chikungunya epidemic has been forecast for the coming two years in Brazil. The discovery is sofosbuvir usp highly significant for public health, drug development is extremely costly and time-consuming.

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What we discovered was the macroscopic result: elimination of sofosbuvir usp the virus and preservation of cells. We dont yet know exactly how the drug works in molecular terms. Bonotto said,the patient may become incapacitated, he noted that chikungunya is a severe disease not only owing to the acute episode itself sofosbuvir usp causing symptoms similar to those of dengue but because it can cause complications that include highly debilitating joint pain lasting months or years.and the drug eliminated the virus without damaging any cells. Human cells infected by chikungunya virus were treated with sofosbuvir, said. Rafaela Milan Bonotto, a coauthor of the study. The drug proved to be 11 times sofosbuvir usp more effective against the virus than against cells,four other researchers took part in the study in addition to Bonotto and Freitas-Junior: Glaucia Souza-Almeida, soraya Jabur Badra, the assays sofosbuvir usp have been used as part of a strategy to reposition drugs for infectious diseases. The PSP has a portfolio of over 15 different types of phenotypic screening assays performed in accordance with the standards accepted by the pharmaceutical industry. The article Evaluation of broad-spectrum antiviral compounds against chikungunya infection using a phenotypic screening strategy can be read at m/articles/7-1730/v1. Luiz Tadeu Figueiredo and Carolina Borsoi Moraes.

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